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Welcome To Goldcrest

Samphire The Three Winners

Goldcrest started up in 1985 and, over the last thirty one years has made a steady profit from mostly favourites. Something that I described once as boring but a client responded that making money is never boring. We were getting between three and four bets a week with a 50%+ strike rate and average price of 6/4 which gave us the edge over this thirty year period.
On January 1st 2017 I changed direction. Handicaps see only a 30% win strike rate so I  decided to deliberately look for outsiders. The same rules applied and very soon I had made 21 points from 10 bets. These bets have continued and I give out little under 4/1.   
The pot of gold was just sitting there waiting and all it needed was a small shift in viewpoint. 

By concentrating on handicaps the prices have improved dramatically but you do need some patience because gaps can appear in the bets mainly when the going changes severely. I have abandoned betting each way below 8/1. There has now been a serious shift in emphasis that is paying dividends at amazing prices. You can expect two or three bets each week.          
Needless to say I am using these selections on my text service. You can join the text service for just £40. £50 a month after that. Cheque payable to 'Ian Harrison' please. Goldcrest is too small to use credit cards but if you text me as soon as the cheque is posted you will be online immediately and that is just as fast as a credit card.  
Mobile; 07596 358 404.        E-mail; ian@samphire.it